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6 Science-Backed Tips To Follow For A Healthy Sperm Count

Did you know that infertility affects an estimated 700 lakh people, globally? And almost 9% of couples worldwide face infertility challenges, according to the WHO. 1 Many people assume that infertility is only related to women. But half of all infertility issues has been linked to the male factor. 1 The male factor being sperm health. In this blog, learn about why healthy sperm is important for fertility and get insights on how to attain a healthy sperm count.   

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The Importance Of Healthy Sperm

Sperm are male reproductive cells that contain genetic material which fertilises a female’s egg to conceive a baby. 2 Fertilisation takes place only when the sperm is healthy and motile. Three main factors determine sperm health i.e. sperm count, shape and motility. 2 And to achieve successful conception, these sperm factors matter the most! That is why, if you are planning for a baby, you must always ensure to get your sperm health checked. The quality of sperm defines your fertility journey. 2 3

Knowing what you’ve just read, you might be wondering how sperm health quality is determined.  Here is a table for you differentiating normal and abnormal sperm quality: 4

Table 1: Sperm Health

  Sperm ParametersSperm Quality
CountMore than 40 million Less than 40 million
Shape (morphology)Over 4%Less than 4%
MotilityMore than 40%Less than 40%
Volume2.0 ml or greaterLess than 2.0 ml
ConcentrationMore than 20 millionLess than 20 million

*Note: This table is for understanding purposes only. And it is not a definitive guide for medical diagnosis. Consult your doctor for advice.

Factors Influencing Sperm Health

Some factors that seriously impact your sperm quality are: 5 6 7

  • Inadequate diet, including higher consumption of unhealthy fats
  • Lifestyle choices such as smoking, alcohol, & exposure to hot conditions
  • Health conditions & treatments like cancer and chemotherapy

Now, let’s take a look at the things that you can do to improve sperm health.

6 Lifestyle Hacks For Achieving Healthy Sperm

1. Say No To Smoking & Alcohol Consumption

Consistent alcohol intake leads to poor sperm quality. And unhealthy sperm further creates fertility problems. 5 That is why, it is always recommended to quit smoking and drinking alcohol

2. Stay Physically Active

According to research, sperm count and motility are low in overweight men. However, these parameters improve in physically active men. 6 7 That is why you must always partake in exercising, walking, or running activities.

3. Balanced Diet

A well-balanced diet is one of the best ways to keep reproductive health active. How? Taking proper nutrition helps in healthy sperm production. So, you must always embrace a healthy eating plan. Include foods like whole grains, vegetables and fruits in your diet as they are nutrient-rich with minerals and fibres which help boost sperm health and fertility. 5

4. Be Mindful Of Toxic Substances

Be careful if you are working in an area exposed to certain environmental toxins. Why? Harmful chemicals like pesticides can lower sperm quality. But protective clothing and safety equipment reduce direct contact with toxic chemicals. That’s why you must always make sure to cover yourself with protective clothing to minimise direct contact with these toxins.. 8

5. Limit Caffeine Intake

Fond of sipping tea or coffee? Minimise it if you are planning for a baby! According to studies, coffee and tea contain caffeine. And, overconsumption of caffeine leads to unhealthy sperm leading to fertility issues. 9 10

6. Manage Stress Like A Pro!

You might have heard from your elders asking you to “stay stress-free”, right? That is because stress degrades overall well-being including reproductive health.  11 Even research says that lowering stress enhances fertility and improves sperm quality. Therefore, to cope with stress, it is important for you to spend some quality time with your loved ones, seek therapy and exercise.

Wrapping Up!

Thank you for reading this article! You have taken a significant step in achieving your daddyhood dreams. We believe that you have found these tips helpful in achieving a healthy sperm count. Staying active, and eating a nutrient-rich diet can be a simple path to parenthood dreams. But having a clear understanding of your current sperm health will help you take the next step!

One of the best ways is to analyse your sperm health with semen analysis. And we know what you may be worried about! Multiple doctor visits, clinic expenses and other charges, right? Fret no more! You can now get insights into your reproductive health without doctor visits and added expenses.

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With LifeCell  SpermScore – India’s first at-home sperm analysis test! This test is a comprehensive, and confidential way to get insights into your sperm health. It checks for 11 sperm parameters and 14 conditions, and that too at your own convenience!

So guys, why hesitate?

Be proactive, take charge of your health & kickstart your fertility journey!

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