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A Guide to Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Telangana in 2024

Stamp duty in Telangana, as in many other Indian states, is an integral part of property transactions. The Indian Stamps Act of 1899 governs stamp duty, a state-imposed levy on the purchase of real estate properties. Let’s explore the question of what the stamp duty and registration charges in Telangana are for the year 2024. As of 2024, the Telangana government charges a 6% stamp duty on the total value of the land or property, including registration and transfer fees. This percentage may alter if the state government accepts a recent proposal by the Telangana Stamps and Registration Department, which might result in higher registration fees for homeowners.

Documents Required for Registration and Stamp Duty Charges in Telangana

Stamp duty registration in Telangana is an essential stage in property transactions that requires the presentation of a set of relevant documents at the registrar’s sub-office. While the list below is extensive, it is crucial to remember that the registrar may request extra documents depending on the circumstances. 

  1. Encumbrance Certificate
  2. Property documents (original)
  3. Bank challan for payment
  4. Demand draft
  5. Identity proof (with address—Aadhar Card) of the seller, buyer and 2 witnesses.
  6. Section 32A photo form for executors and witnesses
  7. For agricultural land – Pattadar passbook
  8. Power of Attorney (if required)

Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Telangana 2024

Purpose of Fee- Amount to be paid 

  • Registration Charge- 0.5% of the property value
  • Stamp duty charges in Telangana- 4% of the property value
  • Transfer Duty- 1.5% of the property value
  • Stamp and transfer duty payable on- Consideration or MV (whichever has a higher value)

Home Registration Charges in Telangana for Flats and Apartments

 Purpose of Fee- Amount to be paid

  • Telangana land registration rates- 0.5% of the property value
  • Stamp Duty- 4% of the property value
  • Transfer duty on house registration charges in Telangana- 1.5% on the property value.

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Factors Determining Stamp Duty Charges in Telangana

Stamp duty and registration taxes in Telangana are calculated using numerous parameters. The primary factor is the property’s market value, which is computed as a proportion of its total worth. Furthermore, the nature of the property (agricultural or non-agricultural) and the type of transaction (sale, gift, or lease) have a significant impact on the charges.

Understanding these elements is critical for both buyers and sellers, as they have a direct impact on the total cost of property transactions.

Impact of Stamp Duty and Registration on Property Prices

Stamp duty and registration fees are necessary components of real estate transactions, and they have a substantial impact on property prices in Telangana. Stamp duty, determined as a percentage of market value, directly correlates with increased expenses for buyers. Similarly, fixed registration fees add another layer of expenditure to the total transaction. This can be especially difficult for purchasers with tight budgets, thereby limiting their property alternatives.

Critical Deed Registration Timelines in Telangana

Telangana requires property owners to complete the registration process within four months of the property transaction. The registration process requires both the buyer and seller to visit the sub registrar’s office and complete the relevant formalities. Once finalised, the buyer receives the registered sale deed, which is an essential document for future property transactions.

It is critical to meet the given deadline for paying stamp duty and registration fees. Failure to do so may result in sanctions and legal issues. As a result, keeping registration dates updated is critical for a seamless property purchase procedure in Telangana.

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