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How to Commemorate Special Events for Distant Relatives 

Many families have relatives who have moved abroad. This often occurs when a family member gains a promotion at work that requires them to emigrate to an international office of a firm. In addition, some family members will seek to emigrate in later life after reaching retirement age. This could be to move to a warmer country so that they can enjoy a more pleasant climate in their senior years. It is still important to be able to commemorate the special events of family members who live abroad, even if you are not able to take a long journey to be with them in person. Thankfully, there are a wide range of ways in which you can celebrate these special events and show your appreciation for them without being physically present. In this article, some unique and thoughtful ways to facilitate this will be explored.

Create your own e-card

For birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries, a key way to send love and best wishes is by creating an e-card. As the name suggests, these are like conventional cards to celebrate special events but are digital rather than physical and are sent by email rather than traditional postal services. One of the key features of e-cards is that they can be personalized in terms of their design and personal message. Many companies specialize in e-card design services, and it is also possible to find sites where you can create a beautiful, personalized card for free. As they are sent by email, they can be delivered almost immediately to anywhere in the world with an internet connection, which is a perfect way to commemorate special occasions when time is a factor.

Send special gifts abroad 

Certain occasions, such as major anniversaries or weddings, require a special gift to be sent to the family member, especially if you are not able to be physically present at the event. Often, such gifts are large or bulky in nature, which can make sending them by traditional mail channels difficult and expensive. Thankfully, many international shipping firms specialize in sending larger goods abroad and can offer competitive delivery fees and pre-determined timescales for the shipments. Search online to find large parcel delivery quotes from such firms, and you will find a list of shipping companies that are experienced in sending larger parcels overseas. Often, these services are extremely cost-effective for larger shipments as they tend to travel by sea freight rather than by air. However, it is important to plan these shipments in advance as the delivery timescales are likely to be longer than some other methods of transport.

Hold a video conference call

Showing your love and appreciation for distant relatives is far easier with modern technology. An ideal way to commemorate a special event is to hold a group video call with family members by using a video chat app on your phone or laptop. Many of these apps are free to download and enable international video calls to be made for free, with high-definition visuals and audio. Contact your family members and invite them to a video chat group on platforms such as Microsoft Teams. Ensure that your distant relative has the same app and surprise them on their special day with a virtual family gathering.

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