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Navigating The Path to Mental Health Coaching

Mental health awareness continues to grow. Likewise, people are getting more comfortable reaching out for help. As the field of mental health expands, there are exciting career opportunities for those looking to advance their skills in mental health. 

Whether you’re a wellness coach or looking to advance your practice, becoming a mental health coach might be the solution. You can even access online learning programs to get certified in areas that allow you to elevate your current skills. One way to do this is by completing online certification programs and courses focused on becoming a mental health coach. 

Depending on your path, you can cover training basics such as NLP, Inner Parts, and subconscious reframing. These modern approaches are based on scientifically backed psychological theories and behavioral science, giving you, the student, the power to improve your career and the lives of the clients you’ll help in the future. For more information on navigating the path to becoming a mental health coach, here’s a breakdown of what’s involved in mental health coaching certification online. 

Choosing Your Mental Health Coaching Path 

If you want to advance in your wellness career, start by introducing non-clinical mental health protocols, such as mental health coaching, into your area(s) of expertise. With this training, you can do more as a mental health professional and meet clients where they are. To get started, select the online mental health training program you want to learn from and review the cohort for the training plan. Most plans include a weekly breakdown of the program structure, the estimated class size, homework assignment schedules, outside studying guidelines, and critical focus areas. 

Self-paced and fast-track arrangements may also be available depending on your path and the program you select. Ensure you have met the prerequisites before enrolling in an online mental health coach training program. For some programs, you must be registered in their Mental Health Track and have finished your NLP training to start your mental health training cohort. 

Mandatory Courses for Certification 

After meeting the initial requirements, you can continue mastering mental health coaching by paying for additional mental health coach training. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the program credentials you need to acquire for certification. For certain mental health coaching programs, you must meet the ICF credentials (including 165 ICF training hours) that are required, as well as earn your five certifications by completing the mandatory courses, which may include the following courses: 

  • NLP life coach training 
  • ICF mentoring
  • Master coach training 
  • Mental health coaching training 

In some programs, you’ll also receive five certifications that relate to completing these self-paced courses over a 10-week period. Your certifications may include:

  • mental health coach
  • master coach
  • NLP master 
  • NLP practitioner
  • certified life coach 

Advancing Your Wellness Career

Ensure you meet the prerequisites required to enroll in mental health coaching online. Depending on the program, you may have the option to pay under an installment plan. Advance your wellness career by adding mental health coaching to your area(s) of expertise. 

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