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Students of Kelaniya University: Check out their course details online

The time has finally come for technology to leverage the educational sector, with Ekel Kelaniya being the best example. Perhaps, this platform is exclusively designed for students and instructors of the University of ekel.kln.ac lk Kelaniya. It acts like a centralized online place that accounts for all kinds of academic activity. From storing course materials to managing administrative tasks, assignment details, and timetables — there’s simply so much to it. 

More on the University of Kelaniya 

The University of Kelaniya was founded as ‘Vidyalankara Pirivena’ by a well-known personality — Ratmalana Sri Dharmaloka Thero in 1875. It was initially established as a learning center for Buddhist monks but soon transformed itself and some major changes became noticeable by the 1940s and 1950s. Presently, the institute is known for its history and for offering courses that aren’t common in other institutions. For example, Industrial Management and Microbiology, Linguistics and Fine Arts, and so on. 

About Ekel Kelaniya

Ekel Kelaniya is a portal for the students and instructors of the University of Kelaniya. It is a web-based learning management system, where each enrolled pupil and staff member is provided with a personal account. Plus, the interface it is based on feels super premium, while also being easy to use and explore. 

Features of Ekel Kelaniya

The centralized platform, ekel.kln.ac lk is known to include multiple features for its users, such as: 

Registration process on Ekel Kelaniya the mail that you had previously provided during admissions. All details related to the uni, including Ekel Kelaniya status, should be sent to you via mail. and do the needful to access your account. 

The University of Kelaniya is a prestigious institute for higher education, based in Sri Lanka. It also happens to be a sought-after college, as the quality of education and student life here is unbeatable. Assuming you have gotten through the tough admission process, you’ll be provided your Ekel Kelaniya profile where every personal and academic record is available. Do note that this portal has been exclusively designed for the students and Faculties of Kelaniya University only and no other individual is allowed to access it. 

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