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Pimeyes – A powerful Face Recognition Tool

Many challenges with regard to the protection of personal data have been brought about by the advancement of information technologies. Numerous crimes such as identity theft, stalking, and revenge porn have claimed thousands of victims. Those who violate human rights in this way have developed sophisticated tools and specialised skills to intrude on the privacy of regular people. Do you hope there was a way to simultaneously search the internet for all of your images? It accomplishes this. It is a face recognition search engine powered by AI that can find online pictures of a particular face. This reverse image search tool stands out from the competition because it focuses primarily on faces rather than photos. 

This tool can be useful for both people looking for misplaced images and people worried about maintaining their online anonymity. You have access to all websites where a matched image was discovered through your PimEyes subscription as well. You will be able to find the image if it is being used without your permission, and you can then request that it be removed.

Pimeyes: An Overview

Pimeyes is a facial recognition and reverse image search tool that enables you to upload a photo of a specific person to search for their online images. It makes use of facial recognition technology to conduct reverse image searches.

An accurate and efficient facial recognition tool is available from PimEyes .com. By uploading a face image to the search engine, anyone can test out the service. It only puts up with a few moments after a photo has been uploaded for the search engine to perform its comprehensive internet search and recover its results. You must sign up for a monthly package if you want a search that goes deeper than what is functional for free.

Features Of Pimeyes

In this portion, we’ll look closely at its features while highlighting its advantages and disadvantages.

Contemporary Facial Recognition

It searches for and recognises images of people online using cutting-edge facial recognition technology. It is much more sophisticated than a typical Google image search. If the uploaded photo has a high resolution, it will typically find almost all pictures of the person in the photo that are freely accessible online. It boasts a sizable image library with over 900 million images, according to the website. Users have access to the most recent and pertinent information thanks to this database’s daily, ongoing updates.

Comprehensive Search Functionality

The platform’s search feature is simple to use and intuitive. Users who upload an image to the platform can search for people. Additionally, It provides comprehensive search capabilities, but only to its Premium “advanced” customers. which, according to it , is more thorough and will produce more results.


Users can sign up for alerts to be informed whenever new pictures of people are added to its bots’ index. For people and companies looking to track changes in a person’s online reputation without relying solely on keyword searches and google alerts, this feature can be helpful. For public figures like celebrities and others, this tool is especially helpful.

How To Use Pimeyes Face Search?

It’s relatively simple. Performing a search doesn’t take more than a few moments. You are shown a grid of images of other, similar-looking faces with clickable ties to their respective online areas after uploading a photo of a face and checking a box to verify your approval of the terms of service. If you’re insecure of how to utilize it, here are the steps:

  1. Go to the PimEyes homepage.
  2. Click on the search bar after scrolling the dashboard. 
  3. You can select between uploading a photo from your website, taking a photo (if you’re browsing from a mobile device), or taking it from a web URL.
  4. After you upload a photo, it will detect faces in it. You can then choose which ones to use.
  5. It will search its image database and display a list of results.
  6. You can click on the result to go to the source page. However, this feature is only available for PimEyes Premium.

Benefits Of Pimeyes .Com

The following subsections will focus on the advantages of using PimEyes .com while outlining some of the platform’s potential applications.

Background checks

It is an aid that can be used to review people’s backgrounds. The platform can be utilized by both individuals and employers to memorise more about a person’s online existence. Another trouble is the legality and morality of using such a system, but this tool could be very beneficial for background checks.

Verifying Identity

You can also utilise it to confirm someone’s individuality. Businesses can utilise the platform to verify that people are who they say they are, and people can use the platform to verify the precision of their online identity. In the era of artificially intelligent imagery. Its style tools could be very helpful in confirming someone’s identity.

Managing Online Reputation

It allows users to track the usage of their images online and keep an eye on their online reputation. People in sensitive positions or public figures may find this to be especially helpful.

Drawbacks Of Pimeyes

Although it has a number of noteworthy features, the platform also has some drawbacks.

Small Social Media Presence

Only publicly accessible online images are covered by the platform. This also implies that regardless of whether a profile is public or not, social media images are not indexed. Pictures from LinkedIn used to appear in the search results, but not any longer.

True Negatives

It occasionally generates false positives since it is not a perfect facial recognition system. This implies that the platform may incorrectly identify a user or produce false results.

Privacy Issues

It is not the only example where the use of facial recognition technology prompts privacy considerations. People might not be mindful that their impressions are being employed on the platform, and there’s a chance that they will be exploited viciously. This can be a difficulty hinging on the privacy laws of the country you are presently residing in. There is an alternative in Pimeyes com en for users to prevent their face from being indexed and exhibited on the result.

PimEyes Free And Premium Versions

  1. You can use the free version of PimEyes at no cost. However, this limits the results to a few examples and you cannot click to navigate to a specific search result.
  2. Pimeyes free offers a full set of premium features, including unlimited results, navigation, and alerts for monitoring when specific images appear on the web.
  3. Additionally, they have different pricing for businesses with API integration and custom datasets and filters.

PimEyes Pricing Structures

It chose to use a standard software-as-a-service pricing model. There are three open plans: Plus, Protect, and Advanced. Customers can choose between a monthly and yearly plan. Additionally, yearly plan subscribers will get a 20% discount.

Open plus Plan

Price ranges from $29.99 to $299.99 per month. The “open plus” plan is the best choice for people who want its premium. With this $29.99 per month plan, you can set up up to three image alerts and perform 25 daily searches with access to the source image URLs. The “Protect” and “Advanced” plans are better suited for businesses and professionals in the fields of identity verification, public relations, and other related industries.

Protect Plan

In addition to increasing the number of alerts to 25, the Protect plan also gives you the option of having up to 80 DMCA takedowns sent on your behalf. These two features are added to the Open Plus plan. This strategy is better suited for small PR agencies looking to manage and monitor their clients’ public perception

Advanced Plan

Businesses should only invest in the Advanced plan if they anticipate conducting hundreds of searches daily. The cost of this strategy is the highest of all of them. The main distinction between this plan and the Protect plan is the availability of unlimited searches and the ability to create up to 500 alerts. Additionally, it enables you to conduct a deep search, which according to it is more thorough and returns more results.

How Does Pimeyes Function?

Huge portions of publicly accessible images on the internet have been crawled and indexed by Pimeyes bots over the past few years. The way it indexes images is similar to how major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex do, with the main difference being that it looks for faces in the images before indexing them along with the origin URLs and other pertinent data, as opposed to simply indexing the images, their associated alt text, and their origin URLs.

PimEyes Alternatives (Free & Paid)

Below listed are some top pimeyes alternatives or face recognition software that work similar to PimEyes:

  1. Clearview AI
  2. TinEye
  3. Google Reverse Image Search
  4. EagleEye
  5. Bing Visual Search
  6. Pinterest Image Search/Lens
  7. NTech Lab

Final Thoughts

It is an effective facial recognition search engine with advantages and disadvantages. Although it can be a helpful tool for finding the missing and locating criminals, it also raises privacy and ethical considerations. It is vital to believe about the feasible effects on society as technology formulates and to take protection to assure that it is utilized responsibly and ethically. It is our communal duty to hit a balance between the benefits of technology and the defence of personal privacy and human rights.

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1. What is Pimeyes?

It is a face recognition tool that helps you identify the person’s image that was uploaded online. It also helps you to conduct reverse search images.

2. How to use it?

These are the following steps that you need to follow when you are using it.
Go to its official site.
1. Upload a picture to begin the search.
2. You can be among the outcomes.
3. Simply click an image to begin.

3. Which Pimeye plan is the most expensive?

The most expensive plan, which costs $299.99 per month, is best suited for individuals and companies working in public relations, identity verification, and related industries.

4. Does Pimeye Premium merit the price?

Counting on what you plan to utilize it for, it might be helpful. It is a very valuable tool if you work as a professional or own a business in public relations, identity confirmation, or related fields.

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