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Thiramala. Com: Exploring a Landmark In Malayalam Cinema

Thiramala .com, a Malayalam film directed by Vimal Kumar, popularly known for its songs and casting crew. In this article we will be telling you about the Cast of Thiramala. com, In-depth summary of the film , technical details and some hidden facts about the film. So, read the entire article for the complete information.

Thiramala. Com: An Overview

Thiramala. Com is a 1953 Malayalam film directed by Vimalkumar and starring Sathyan, Kumari Thankam, Thomas Burleigh, Ponathil Sivadas, and Prabha. The film holds a special position in Malayalam movie history. In this film, Ramu Kariat worked as an assistant director. Lakshmi Shankar, a Hindustani vocalist, recorded a song for the film. www thiramala com serial today is an online streaming platform where you can find some top tamil, telugu, and kannada films. It’s an efficient way where users can stream the latest south indian movies. Although the www.thiramala. com website is entirely based on south Indian movies that gained huge popularity.


Show nameThiramala 
(1953)Kumari Thankam, Manuel Sathyaneshan
CrewPRS Pillai (Director), Vimal Kumar (Director), Vimal Kumar (Music Director)
GenresDrama, Romance
Release Dates01 Jan 1953 (India)
Malayalam Nameതിരമാല

Cast Member Of WWW.Thiramala .Com Movie

thirmala. com

Below are the name of all the cast member present in the www.thiramala .com movie:

  • Sathyan
  • Kumari Thankam
  • Thomas Burleigh
  • Miss Chandani
  • Kumari Kalyani
  • P. Bhaskaran
  • Sasikumar
  • T. N. Gopinathan Nair
  • Chandni (Old)
  • T. N. K. J. Thomas
  • T. S. Muthaiah
  • Kumari Prabha (child artiste)
  • Adoor Bhasi
  • Baby Valsala
  • Ponathil Sivadas

In-Depth Summary Of The WWW.Thiramala. Com Movie

The www.thiramala. com serial was based on T. N. Gopinathan Nair’s short tale Sholey, which he also authored the script for and starred in a key part in.

Lakshmi (Kumari Thankam), the daughter of village landlord Kurup (T. N. Gopinathan Nair), and Venu (Thomas Berleigh), the son of ferryman Panikkar (P. Bhaskaran), were childhood sweethearts. Despite father Kurup’s desires, their love blossoms. Kurup was able to persuade Lakshmi to marry Vijayan (Sathyan). Venu leaves his hometown to work as a server in a metropolitan hotel.

Vijayan leads an unethical life that makes Lakshmi’s life miserable. Vijayan and Lakshmi arrive at the hotel where Venu works. When Vijayan and Lakshmi’s marriage fell apart, Venu was forced to keep himself mute.

Vijayan is seduced by Swapna Latha, a hotel dancer. He finally loses everything he owns. Vijayan, regretful, flees the city in quest of Lakshmi. Venu, who has also returned to the hamlet, encounters Lakshmi in a difficult situation. Venu is tossed into the river and drowns just as he sees Lakshmi safely reaching the other side. While waiting to transpored across the flooded river, Lakshmi was assisted by Venu.

The audience was happy to see the end when Venu save Lakshmi from heavy storm. Venu helped her to get out of that storm who entrusts her to Vijayan. Moreover, in the state’s southern area with a clip showing Venu’s lifeless body washing ashore.

Technical Detail Of The WWW.Thiramala .Com Film

Given below are the technical details of the WWW.Thiramala .Com film are

  • Film Type:Feature
  • Language:Malayalam
  • Color Info:Black & White

Facts About WWW Thiramala Com

Various facts popularly known about www thiramala com serials, listed below:

  • Lakshmi Shankar, a well-known Hindustani vocalist, recorded a song for this Thiramala. Com film.
  • www.thiramala. com serial introduced complex orchestration, as well as certain artists and technologists who rose to prominence in following years.
  • ‘Choondakkran was written by T. N. Gopinathan Nair, who also penned the script and had a key part in the film.
  • The film had different ending and streamed in several states.
  • Musicologists see the www.thiramala.com serial malayalam as first musical hit.
  • The film had 13 songs, the most of which were parodies of popular Hindi songs.
  • Ramu Kariat, a well-known filmmaker, worked as an associate director on this picture.
  • Sometimes, people consider Thiramala. com as a movie. But the fact is, it is developed by developers after getting inspired by the Thiramala movie.


“Thiramala. com” (1953) holds a significant place in Malayalam cinema history, introducing rich orchestration and featuring notable figures like Hindustani vocalist Lakshmi Shankar and filmmaker Ramu Kariat. Based on a short story, the film’s unique multiple climaxes made it a pioneering cinematic endeavor, marking a musical milestone in Malayalam cinema.

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