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Qureka Banner: Typically Used In Digital Advertising 


Marketers are bound with multiple ad problems and ad fatigue happens to be one of them. Perhaps, Qureka banners are made to resolve such awful marketing situations. And given the fact that growth is unstoppable digital-wise, tactics to attract clients through ads are narrowing day after day. Meanwhile, Qureka banners are a whole fresh concept of ads. They are far from being typical advertisement pictures or video clips. Rather, qureka banner typically used in digital advertising, have instilled quizzes and interactive games meant for advertisement. 

About Qureka Banner

The main idea of Qureka banners is to create interactive digital advertising tactics. The model used is often successful in capturing the client’s attention. That is because of the uniqueness of Qureka’s concept. They are keen on interactive ones only, such as questionnaires, quizzes or games. Additionally, the implementation of static posts is far from their sight. 

Furthermore, once a client engages with the set Qureka banner, he/she will be redirected to the product page that has the whereabouts of the same. It is somewhat evident that the strategy used focuses on being interactive as well as fun and memorable. This in turn results in a better conversion rate. 

Qureka banners typically used in digital advertising: Understanding the core 

Qureka banner is created by web developers, who are also coding experts. The base, however, is simple. It is as basic as selecting the type of game or drafting questions for a quiz. Once the Qureka banner is set, it is time to release it via some website or an application. Placing them, also, happens strategically and more often set either at the bottommost or topmost area of the screen. 

However, the creators of Qureka should strictly adhere to the field they are working on. As such, games must solely focus on the product or service, so the players can understand more about it. In the end, when a player is done and hits submit, they’ll be redirected to a new page having data about the target product and service. 

The model is, additionally, guaranteed to overturn the currently running digital advertising tactics. Well, nothing matches the way of Qureka when it comes to interactive ad strategy. On it, one will barely find stagnant posts as they get replaced by games and quizzes. But not just any regular quiz as they are created to drive sales and put in better engagement rates. 


Qureka banners typically used in digital advertising, are a wonderful concept that transforms poor customer retention. Now, with its help, any brand can better their chance of growth. Be it interaction-wise, visuals or strategy implementation — there remains a big portion of possibilities. In addition, Qureka is often said to revolutionize digital advertising. Simply put, every business needs help from Qureka to attain a promising position. 

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