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Blooket: A Free Learning Platform For Teachers and Students

Blooket is a gaming platform where students and teachers learn and teach in an effective, creative, and fun way. They can join in pre-defined quiz material or custom-make their games and apply any type of gameplay.

In this blog, we are going to see a broad aspect of Blooket.com

What Is Blooket?

The term Blook comes from Blueprint and Booklet words combined. Blooket.com is an online educational platform that is very interactive among students and teachers to create, play, and share games. It’s an entertaining way to connect with learning materials, promote teamwork, and encourage healthy competition among students.

Know About Blooket Dashboard

The Blooket Dashboard offers features like live monitoring of the game’s progress, student progress, student participation, and teamwork between students.

Teachers can track how well the students are doing and can also give feedback to the student who needs to improve. This website helps teachers and students to learn in a synergetic approach towards education.

What Blooket Join Offers

Blooket is much more than a learning or gaming platform.

If any student joins Blooket, it offers a learning experience with cutting-edge gaming modes, eye-catching themes, personalized features, and many more.

With respect to teachers, it offers certain advantages such as enjoyable teaching, group or solo teaching, effective assessment creation, and much more.

Other than these, Blooket.com gives other benefits like:

  • Group or Alone Gaming
  • Interactive themes and animated videos
  • Adjust game parameters
  • Purchase coins to add premium features and earn virtual money for correct answers
  • Students can compete in an entertaining way and get to know about teamwork
  • Create or import tests with different game themes

Sign Up For Blooket

You can sign up for Blooket through some easy and straightforward process and it is free to join. The process for joining Blooket.com:

  • Search for Blooket.com in your web browser and click the first option.
  • Press the Sign-Up button on the top right corner after accessing the website
  • There are two ways to sign up one is Sign with email and Sign Up with Google 
  • You have to provide information like username, password, date of birth, etc. and choose whether you are a teacher or a student.
  • Check all the information that you provide before hitting Create account

You can also customize your profile later with your personal information such as adding a profile photo, updating your date of birth, or anything you want to update.

The best part of this website is you can join free of cost and as well as there are no hidden charges they are going to offer.

Steps to Blooket Login

Here is a quick guide to the blooket login process after successfully creating your account:

  • Search Blooket’s official website and click the Login button
  • You have to fill in your username and password to log in
  • After logging in, you can find various types of games in the Blooket dashboard
  • You can also create your own assessment, create blooket code join for your tests, monitor your tests’ progress, student’s progression, etc. as a teacher, and as a student you can join a test using a particular blooket join code. 

Play On Blooket Join Games

Blooket is smooth, easy to use, and sometimes addictive. Also, its delicate and eye-catching theme is the best and most enjoyable on this website.

How To Play On Blooket Join?

There are some easy steps to Blooket join or play the games and to add students to play the assessment games.

  1. Join The Game

Teachers must log in to blooket before creating quizzes, or assessments or telling students to join in their particular games.

  1. Pick a group of questions

Blooket is a quiz-based game, that provides you with a vast choice of questions in diverse forms and subjects. You can also import your own question papers.

  1. Pick a gaming mode

After adding questions, you have to choose your game mode according to the list of choices you want to apply. They will ask you if you want to change anything in predefined settings, change that if you want to. To finalize all these aspects, you have to click “Host Now” to host your game.

  1. Request students

After hosting your game they will provide you a Gamer ID. You have to send that Gamer ID to your fellow students and guide them to participate.

  1. Review the outcome

After the test is over, this website shows a thorough report of each student and a complete breakdown of their performance. Teachers can also give feedback to any particular student for any improvements and help them to choose the winner.

Creating And Hosting Blooket Games

Once you’re done with basic steps of creating an account and login, you can now visit the entire dashboard in order to host and play your own game. Below mentioned is a guide to work on creating and hosting games.

Creating a Game

  1. Log in to your Blooket account.
  2. From the dashboard, click “Create a Game”.
  3. Choose a game mode that best suits your learning objectives, such as Classic Mode or Blooket Mode.
  4. Follow the prompts to create questions or challenges. 
  5. You can add multiple-choice questions, word matching or word search depending on the game mode.
  6. Personalize game settings that includes time limit, game name, and player limits.
  7. Once your game set is entirely ready, tap on ‘Create Game’ button.

Hosting a Game

  1. After creating a game, you will receive a unique game code.
  2. Share this game code with your students or participants. They can join your game using this code.
  3. As the host, you have control over the game settings and can start the game once all participants have joined.
  4. Enjoy watching your students engage in a fun and educational gaming experience.

Blooket For Teachers

Bloo ket offers a variety of features and benefits for teachers, making it a valuable tool for enhancing the learning experience in the classroom or online.

  1. Engagement: These games are naturally engaging, capturing students’ attention and motivating them to actively participate.
  2. Customization: Teachers can create custom games tailored to their lesson plans, ensuring learning objectives are met.
  3. Assessment: The games can serve as formative assessments, allowing teachers to assess student understanding in real time.
  4. Collaboration: It encourages collaborative learning, in which students work together to answer questions and solve challenges.
  5. Analytics: Teachers can access analytics and reports to track student performance and identify areas that may need additional attention.
  6. Fun and Learning: It strikes a balance between entertainment and learning, making lessons entertaining and memorable.

Blooket For Students

Students can also greatly benefit from Blooket as a supplemental learning tool.

  1. Engagement: It provides an exciting and interactive way of learning, making studying more enjoyable.
  2. Competition: Students can compete with friends or classmates, adding the main element of competition to their studies.
  3. Retention: This is gamified approach can increase retention and recall of information.
  4. Flexibility: Students can access Blooket games from a variety of devices, allowing flexibility in how and where they learn.
  5. Peer Learning: Bloo ket encourages peer learning and collaboration, fostering a sense of community among students.

Advantages Of Blooket Join

There are many advantages of this particular website irrespective of teachers and students. These are some benefits of Blooket Join,

Benefits For TeachersBenefits For Students
Up-to-date educational effortsPromotes independent and group learning
Better student engagementCheer up students to think ahead
Boosts interest in any subjectsImproves students’ learning
Ease of rapid and straightforward assessmentsOpportunity for pleasant learning
Helps study in a disciplined and enjoyableSharpen their brain and visual memory
Performed in real-time or as homeworkPraising students for their focus and hard work

How Much Blooket Join Cost?

Blooket is a popular educational gaming platform among teachers and students. This website offers an interactive way of learning that makes education more enjoyable and engaging. Teachers can create customized quizzes and students can participate in those assessments to learn new subjects with more interest. Unlike other learning platforms, the exciting fact is this website is completely free to access for its full features.


Blooket is an appealing and interactive platform with an easy-to-use interface and eye-catching themes that allow students and teachers to engage and learn in a fun way. Students can join a session, attempt any tests, and ace any subjects in an associated manner. The most important thing about this website, it is free of cost and can be accessed by anyone.

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FAQs: Everything you need to know about Blooket Join

How to Blooket join?

You have two ways to join Bloket. One is to sign up using your email or using Google.

How do I join a game in Blooket?

You have to put a particular Gamer ID to join a game in Blooket.

Is Bloket free for students?

Bloket is a free learning platform for students as well as teachers.

How much does cost for Bloket game join?

Bloket is a free website but it also offers Plus at $2.99 and Plus Flex at $4.99 to access premium features.

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